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Interactive Board

eBeam Interactive Board

eBeam Projection is a compact, portable, and easy to use device that turns your wall or whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.



Attach the eBeam receiver to any flat surface, aim your projector and away you go. The entire system weighs less than a pound and can be set-up and calibrated by anyone in a matter of minutes. The three included mounting brackets give you the flexibility to mount it on just about any surface, so you can have an interactive whiteboard wherever you go.

  • Creates an interactive workspace of up to 100" diagonal
  • Works with any digital projector
  • Annotates over any application
  • Annotates over any application
  • Share presentations over the Internet with anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Fully integrated PowerPoint functionality

eBeam Projection Components

  • USB or USB/Bluetooth System 3 receiver
  • interactive stylus
  • AA battery
  • CD with eBeam Interact software
  • 16' (5m) USB cable
  • Power adapter (BT version)
  • USB BT adapter with software (BT version)

eBeam System Performance

  • Active area: 1.7' x 1.1' (0.43m x 0.28m)
  • maximum [equivalent to 100" diagonal]
  • Positional resolution: +/- 1.5mm

eBeam Projection paired with any standard digital projector gives students the power to interact with Powerpoin® educational software,CD-ROMs and anything else on your computer right from the board. eBeam Interact software even includes a free sharing feature, so students with their own computers in or out of the classroom can join in the lesson.Turn off the Projector and your whiteboard goes back to being just that-a whiteboard ,

The compact eBeam receiver weighs less than eight ounces and can be attached to any existing whiteboard, wall or smooth flat surface.Using transforms the interactive styles into a mouse that can control anything either a wired USB or wireless Bluetooth connection,the receiver on your desktop including right-click menus.



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